Hyena Dunkers: Video

The clan has moved to the very first den that we found them at nine months ago, I’ve been catching the sunsets at the den with the cubs emerging for their late afternoon suckle.

Roll over Rover

I spent a few late nights at the den, but the hyenas were pretty unproductive. The one morning they carried a baboon carcass back to the den there was a tug of war over who was going to get to rip the limbs off it, but the mothers are very protective over their carrion and only let their own cubs nibble on the carcass.

Baboon Carcass

I did manage to catch up with two playful males at Manuchi Pan though.


I must say, the water sports got a little rough with the one trying to dunk the other – all in the name of a little fun though.


All sorts of creatures emerge after a little wet weather, I’ve seen plenty of toads just plodding around the den area, along with five water monitors in the Manuchi/Sosigi area.

Water Monitor

In between the light showers during the last few days we get to see the wild flowers emerging, not to mention the grass shooting to provide the grazing for the next season.

Xerophyta Retinervis-Monkey's Tail

4 thoughts on “Hyena Dunkers: Video

  1. Aaron Kirk

    I didn’t know Hyena’s were prone to going in water for a bath or fun. Interesting. Great videos. BTW as per my question on YouTube with your vet studies, to plan to assist those animals who need medical attention where you are? Or are you going to go to America and start your own vet clinic.

    Either way, you realise those animals need you there.


    Aaron from New Zealand.

  2. Julie8

    This was a great video! I love their horsing around in the pool :)

    Speaking of vets and exotics… Are hyeanas prone to hip issues? I used to work in a vet clinic, and often times we’d find that breeds with sloping backs had a higher likelihood of developing hip problems – however that’s possibly just due to the small gene pool needed to create a specific breed.

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