Africa’s stunning sunset: Video

It’s still raining but only little bits here and there and not really being of much help to the environment.
It was just great to drive around all day seeing the changes the rain is bringing. Many flowers are now out and covered by myriads of insects. The flush of green lush grass is coming through and the grazers are just loving it.

Bushveld confetti
The female impala with their tiny young, are looking rather lean after the extended dry spell we’ve had but with the flush in grass now they’ll pick up condition fast. As will all the herbivores.
But the predators will find it harder and harder to hunt as the bush thickens and the animals move into peak condition.
Every day the impala lambs get stronger and wiser, and the wild dogs will find it increasingly harder to run down impala. No more slow pregnant females to chase down and all in peak condition able to run that much faster and for longer.

Loving it

Many pans are now full and the ducks have come flocking in. Where have they been all this time? All crowded at the last remaining large bodies of water?

Even with all the changes going on I didn’t come up with much to film today, just little snippets of this and that.
But sunset at Hwata pan was one of the most stunning sunsets I’ve seen in Africa. Well anywhere really. It was truly awesome and just went on for ages.

Wow! Sunset

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  1. Eve

    Reminds me of paintings by Bierstadt or Church. And thank you for forgoing the narration. The insects said it best!

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